Mangawhai Heads,Waipu and Matakana has a packed weekend

Friday 29 January 2010, 2:22PM
By Terry Cuthbert

Doing my bit for BarterZone Ltd as the leisure and activity guy this weekend in Mangawhai Heads which started yesterday evening ( does help as I live here) with a net out off Black Swamp Rd to catch some flounder and mullet.

Did I tell you I volunteered for this job.

Mangawhai Heads, Waipu and Matakana has alot on this weekend from me going fishing this morning and seeing this fleet of vintage cars drive by that interupted my deep concentration on catching breakfast.


In Mangawhai it starts with a car boot sale on Saturday at the Anglican Church in Molesworth Drive from 9.00am. One mans junk is another mans treasure, then to the market on the corner of Moir Rd and Mangawhai Rd at the community Hall. You can sample all the local treats even beer? I know sounds like a dream weekend.

Matakana Markets on every Saturday where you can rub elbows with who's who then the Red Sheds (not the Warehouse) just up the road, pop into Morrison James on the way. Then Music Mountain goes bush with the 2010 Bush Party.

Headlining this year's collection of Reggae, Dub, Blues and DJ acts is Aotearoa's finest -

Katchafire, Rhombus, Open Souls and Mad Professor, dDub, Dub Asylum, Koa Williams, Julian Dyne, Isacc Aesili, dj Automatic.


Where you go after that, it would be to late to care.

Try the Mangawhai Tavern, last week they had Dragon, The Early Birds, Opshop and The Revolvers play. It is tough living here I tell you. Tonight they have Midnight Youth, Dane Rumble, and Pistol Youth. I know it sounds like a wild west gun shoot out with a bunch of kids controlling the town but some weekends it is just the way it is.

Waipu have a market street fair with the Vintage Car guys already cruising the streets. Two weeks ago they had the Waipu HIghland Games, put it this way labour was free and the local house removal company weren't short of muscle, hehe. Then there  is the Thunder Cat Boat racing.

They have an Antique Fair on Sunday too.

Then to the Mangawhai Fishing contest on Sunday and the big Market at the Domain on Moir Rd from 9.00 as well as the small market in Woods St Mangawhai Heads.

Sorry if I didn't mention anyone or anything. I did this for free and was a last minute thing.

Did I tell you I will be out fishing this afternoon but my mobile does work as I'm not with telecom.