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Things get curly for the All Blacks

Wednesday 4 August 2010, 5:34PM
By MasterCard



Proving big things can happen to little places, the All Blacks were the talk of the town when they rolled into Naseby as part of the MasterCard All Blacks Roadshow.

The picturesque town of Naseby is a quiet place nestled in the foothills of the Mt Ida Range. Unchanged for more than half a century, Naseby is a tapestry of historic buildings and stunning views. The town’s main attraction – a curling rink – gave the locals a distinct advantage when they took on the All Blacks in the community challenge - curling.

Up against harsh conditions and tough competition, All Blacks Andrew Hore, Isaac Ross and Andy Ellis had their work cut out for them if they were going to uphold the team’s winning streak. The locals had another idea, with curling champion Sean Becker up their sleeve, they believed they could do what Waipu, Reefton and more recently Australia, could not – beat the ABs.

All Black Andrew Hore, however, had other ideas. He was hoping to do his teammates proud and take on his brother, a volunteer on the day, in some friendly sibling rivalry. Hore said the All Blacks were going into this challenge with everything they had.

“With my family from Ranfurly, I’ll never hear the end of it if the locals win. I hope we can keep our winning streak going and head into the final MasterCard All Blacks Roadshow in Akaroa, one up on the communities,” he said.

The All Blacks gave it a good go, with Isaac leading against his teammates at 15.7cm from the centre of the house and Andy coming in at 31.2cm. Andrew, despite his best attempt, failed to register.

A good effort, but not good enough – the locals showed off their skill, caning the All Blacks, resulting in another triumphant result for the locals.

The top three scorers were:

- 1st: Cameron Bartrum with 0.57cm from the centre of the house
- 2nd: Hamish Wauer with 2.24cm from the centre of the house
- 3rd: Alan Bartrum with 2.97cm from the centre of the house

The local Junior Ice Hockey team also wanted to take a shot at the All Blacks – literally.

Now donning protective hockey goalie gear, All Black Andy Ellis stepped onto the ice to take on all 20 of the hockey players. Drawing on his cricketing skills from when he was a lad, he didn’t fare too badly against his pint sized (and rather excited) competitors who proved to be a pretty good match.

From the ice to the field, the rugby challenges continued throughout the day and the locals relished the chance to test their skills against the All Blacks, hoping selectors might be around should they be successful!

MasterCard cardholders were also pretty excited to be given the opportunity to compete in the ‘Priceless promotion’ where their knowledge of the All Blacks was put to the test to win tickets to the All Blacks versus Australia Investec Tri Nations Test in Christchurch on 7 August – a game where they hope the All Blacks will continue their winning streak.

With the locals 3-2 up in the community challenge, the All Blacks are heading to Akaroa where they will swap their rugby boots for an apron in the waiter racing challenge and try for a draw.

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