Natural Shaving Products Made In New Zealand

Wednesday 11 August 2010, 3:34PM
By Kiwishaver Limited


Men's skin care in now a multi billion dollar business around the globe and the range of products is becoming overwhelming. On a monthly basis there seems to be a new range of products released onto the market. All of them claim to have the latest innovative ingredients to help you improve the daily shave, improve skin condition and reduce wrinkles.

You are sold the emotional benefits that come with these products and why wouldn't you spend a little time caring and protecting your skin? After all you are about to drag a very sharp blade across your face so would you not want to protect your raw skin?

Take a read of the ingredients labels to find out what is really in these products. You will see a vast range of chemicals, even on the products designed for sensitive skin you will find a list containing carcinogenics. When these chemicals are combined with the stress of shaving with a multi blade razor they are inclined to cause more damage than benefit. Skin reacts when saturated with the additives and chemicals that are so commonplace in these products so skin irritations and inflammation is quite common and to lesser extent, a razor rash of small dots around the hair follicles is left. In both cases, this can be quite uncomfortable as well as being unsightly.

Two New Zealand companies are addressing this issue by producing shaving products with natural ingredients. Mixx Limited has created the Primal Earth range of shaving gels and moisturisers. They use certified organic, plant based, wild or locally harvested raw materials in the manufacturing of their products. With ingredients such as Mamuku fern extract to lubricate, Harakeke flax oil to heal and protect and Aloe Vera to hydrate. Kiwishaver Limited produce the Goodfella shaving soap and aftershave balm both are hand made from natural ingredients and essential oils. The rich oils contained in the soap won't dry your skin but will leave your face mosturised and feeling in great condition. Goodfella’s aftershave balm is naturally preserved with Manuka honey.

Both companies uses Harakeke, the New Zealand Flax, the extract of this plant has many beneficial properties including anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti acne, skin softening and healing. With these natural shaving products readily available and inexpensive to purchase there is simply no need to subject your skin to chemicals when we are not sure they are very good for you.