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Look After Those That Depend On You – Life Insurance from AIA New Zealand

Wednesday 25 August 2010, 9:20AM
By AIA New Zealand


The peace of mind and comfort to know that once you have passed away you will still be able to look after and support your loved ones financially is priceless. That’s why so many financially savvy New Zealanders are opting for AIA’s personal Life Cover.

AIA Life Cover is a premium quality life insurance product packaged in an easy to understand and affordable format. The benefits of acquiring life cover are numerous:

In addition to a lump sum payment Life Cover provides other benefits. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness it is possible to choose to have benefits paid prior to your death, thereby affording you some quality time with your family and loved ones before you pass away.

AIA Life Insurance also offers a funeral benefit which provides an accelerated payment of $12,500 payable upon your passing.

AIA Life Cover also gives you the opportunity to increase the assured sum each year by an additional 20% (maximum 5 increases over the life of the policy).

There are various ‘special events’, including marriage or civil union, birth or adoption or career change that will allow you to increase your Life Cover by up to 50% of the sum insured or $300,000 whichever is the lesser.

Life Insurance is not something that is necessarily very comfortable to discuss, however the peace of mind and security it offers, at an affordable price, means that everyone should be considering purchasing it. To have a no obligation discussion with one of the members of the AIA New Zealand team call 0800 800 242, visit the website; or send them an email

This press release is provided as a general guide only and is not to be relied upon as a substitute for obtaining professional advice on your specific circumstances.
The information contained on this press release should not be regarded as a full explanation of the policies offered by AIA New Zealand. It does not in any way form part of your insurance contract with AIA New Zealand or make any representations or promises as to the cover you may receive. Please refer to the relevant policy document for full details of the insurance contract and the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that may apply.