Family uproot for daughter's dialysis treatment

Thursday 26 August 2010, 1:07PM
By Seeking Publicity


A West Melton six-year-old and her family are preparing to uproot their lives and move to Auckland or commute between Auckland and Christchurch so she can receive the ongoing dialysis treatment she needs to survive.

Maddie Collins, 6, was diagnosed with a serious kidney condition two years ago, and when she reaches final stage kidney failure, she will be based in Auckland’s Starship Hospital to get regular dialysis treatment as she waits for a matching donor.

“She has already had a few emergency trips to Starship because of her condition. She almost lost her battle, but thankfully came through,” says Maddie’s uncle, Lloyd Manson.

Maddie could reach final stage kidney failure at any time. It could happen tomorrow or in four weeks time. When that happens, the family has no choice but to move to Auckland.

“This will put huge emotional and financial pressure on the family. Father Adam has his own business in Christchurch as a race engineer, a niche business that must go on hold with the move, while the other children could possibly be taken out of school,” says Lloyd.

To help the Collins family in their plight, fundraising dinners will take place at ja-basco Bar and Café over the next four weeks. The food will be prepared by South Island chef of the year, Lawrence Purser. To book a table, contact Karen on 027, 338, 6510. To find out more about Maddie and other ways to help the family, visit her website at

For more information: Lloyd Manson: 0274 067453 Karen Jane-Scott: 027 338, 6510
Digital photo of Maddie from Pete Burdon: 029 200 8555 or