Online sales trainers move into US and Aus markets

Friday 3 December 2010, 9:50AM
By Seeking Publicity


A Canterbury business that trains sales people online is entering the Australian and US markets after signing a deal that will see them filming in California early next year.

The deal has been struck by trainers RedSeed Limited with Ziera, formerly Kumfs Shoes. Ziera supplies shoes to more than 200 stores throughout Australia and has 25 of its own shops. It also has 20 shops in New Zealand. The company has aggressive expansion plans, particularly in the US, where it will have six shops by early next year.

RedSeed Managing Director Anya Anderson says the deal is an exciting one for a company that opened its doors in 2007.

“We’ve got lots of New Zealand’s most successful businesses on our books now, so it’s a logical step for us to make our products available in other countries,” she says.

The move into the US market will create a new challenge for the company.

“Because our modules for the US will be directed at Americans, we will recreate the generic content of our training with American actors in American accents here in Christchurch,” says Mrs Anderson.

“We will then film the tailored part of our training in a Californian Ziera store and that will be used by each new store that opens across America.”

The same process will be followed in Melbourne for the Australian stores, but the Kiwi accent will suffice for the generic content.

The sales training for Ziera is purely for retail sales staff. RedSeed also offers training for travelling sales people and modules in understanding retail law.


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