Keeping children safe in summer

Monday 13 December 2010, 3:38PM
By Plunket New Zealand

As New Zealand families prepare for another busy Kiwi summer, Plunket is asking parents and caregivers to take time to think of the under fives. 

Plunket National Child Safety Advisor Sue Campbell says often in summer, there are more people around with friends and family visiting, and therefore also more vehicles. 

“Often amidst all the excitement of celebrating and spending time together there will be more cars coming and going, and more children and adults around. This all increases the risk of a driveway runover tragedy or a child wandering off,” says Sue. 

“It would be great to see families or groups taking time to ensure an adult is watching out for children at all times. Maybe the adults in the house can take turns watching the children while the others relax.”  

Sue says tragically a number of New Zealand under fives are run over in the driveways of their homes or those of family or friends every year. She urges drivers to where possible, drive forwards out of the driveway, always check behind the vehicle before reversing, and to know where children are before starting a vehicle.