New fundraising company seeks community organisations & charities to give money to

Thursday 21 April 2011, 1:18PM
By Halo Biz

WAIKATO™Biz ( is the online business directory that gives away 70% of all its advertising revenue to charities and community organisations of the advertiser’s choice.

Halo™Biz's goal is to (re)connect people, businesses and communities so that it’ll be easy to locate a plumber from your kid’s school or find a builder from your local sports club. You’ll be able to help support the community organisations that are important to you by supporting the businesses associated with them.

General manager Julie South says it’s all about raising the profile of local businesses that already have halos, and "crowning" those that don't yet.  “Many businesses make a huge difference to various local community organisations but are so busy doing the day-to-day stuff they don’t have the time to concentrate on this side of their business”, she says. “This is one way Halo™Biz is different to other directories. Most people would far rather support a local business making a local difference but don’t always have the time to do the necessary research to find them.  Here at Halo™Biz we’ve solved this problem by making it easy for you to find businesses that are into what you’re into because we’ve polished their halos and identified them for you” states South.

Unlike printed directories which are out-of-date as soon as they’re delivered because businesses move and change names or phone numbers, Halo™Biz has chosen only to be online so that it will always be current and up-to-date.  It will also be using social media networks as various marketing channels on behalf of its Network Members. You can follow Julie’s Tweets @HaloBizNZ and stay informed by becoming a Fan and “liking” at

Halo™Biz’s online doors will open officially in Hamilton, Cambridge and Te Awamutu mid May but in the meantime South wants to hear from all community organisations that would like to register as Members of the Halo™Biz Network as part of their fundraising activities.  If you’re a school, church, charity, sports group or other not-for-profit and are interested in finding out more, please visit to complete the online form, or send your full organisation’s contact details to