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Monday 6 June 2011, 5:14PM
By HughesApps

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, HughesApps specialise in the development of applications and websites for mobile devices, with a focus on the iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™ platforms.

With the ever-increasing demand by consumers for smartphones, businesses are starting to realise the potential that applications and websites for mobile devices can add to their business. Unfortunately, for the most part businesses seem to fall into one of two categories. They either fail to recognise the value these applications can bring to their business until a competitor releases a product. Or, they see the value that can be gained, but in their haste to bring a product to market, the final outcome is often not aligned with their business requirements, so it ends up being of little or no value.

HughesApps have identified this gap in the market, which is why they place their focus on consulting services, more so than product development. Often businesses do not know what exactly it is they want from a mobile application – Could our business benefit from a mobile application? Do we want a platform specific application or a mobile website? These are just some of the myriad of different questions that need to be answered and considered, and often it can seem too overwhelming to know where to begin.

HughesApps don’t deliver ‘cookie cutter’ style tools; they deliver total solutions, where the final outcome is tailored specifically for each client and provides the greatest possible return on investment. Through consulting sessions, workshops, and regular communication, your business will see exactly how the tool is being shaped from beginning to end – helping to avoid any nasty surprises. Business requirements will be identified, documented, and the product developed accordingly, ensuring the final solution will be a success.


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