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Awesome New Website Arrives For NZ

Saturday 9 July 2011, 12:59PM
By New Zealand Online

A new site has arrived on the scene that solves all communities and businesses problems of getting a website cheaply and easily.

“Pukeko Pete” is the sites logo/mascot and you can expect to see a lot more of him in the coming months,
as new features roll out and advertising campaigns kick off around New Zealand Online.

The idea came about by the sites creator Ben King, Frustrated with finding poor websites,
lack of information and online presence for New Zealand’s small communities and towns. This gives
everyone who signs up a great page; they can fully manage themselves and will be easy to find in the
NZO network of pages. As the about page suggests, the uses are limitless.

Pages are packed with impressive features like, self mapping geo-location, add your twitter username and feeds come onto your page, facebook login and commenting directly on pages, newsletter sign up and software, unlimited photo and video galleries, you can run ads on your page, a contact form, social network connect features + more.

The whole site looks great and functions great. The Content Management System users get for their page is impressive, and easy to use. There is also add on services you can order and a support system that really works.

This actually looks like a very useful service – see you online, New Zealand Online that is!