Financial Market Uncertainty Boosts Market for Reused Gold

Wednesday 10 August 2011, 8:57AM
By Anita Elliott

Auckland, New Zealand -- The price of gold topped an astounding US$1,769 (NZ$2,162) per ounce today. International concerns over the stock markets and the recent downgrading of the United States’ credit rating are responsible for pushing gold and silver prices to record highs.

Auckland gold-buyers Gold Smart have experienced a sharp increase in demand from people wanting to sell used gold in the last week. Broker Anita Elliott says even a broken necklace or a left over ring from an ex can be transformed into anything from a new dress to a luxury holiday in Fiji.

"It's amazing how a little gold can add up to be a big amount of money,” explains Anita Elliott, a certified gold seller with Auckland-based gold buyers Gold Smart. “Customers can literally walk in with a pocketful of gold, silver, bullion, coins or other items made from precious metals, and walk out with thousands of dollars in cash. One recent customer sold some old unwanted jewellery to fund a long overdue family trip to the Sunshine Coast."

Anita advises customers with unwanted jewellery or other precious metal items to consider acting quickly to ensure they receive the highest possible amount of cash for their treasures.

Located in Ellerslie in Auckland City, Gold Smart is the safe, relaxed and professional way to turn unwanted gold into cash. As they are not a pawn shop or kiosk in a shopping mall, they offer a private and safe option for selling gold.

Gold Smart take the stress out of selling, providing their customers with immediate value analysis, the highest available price per gram of gold, and a guaranteed no-pressure offer for all items.

According to Anita, "Many gold buyers keep their rates the same even when prices go up instead of passing these gains on to their customers. At Gold Smart we regularly adjust our rates to remain competitive. No wonder our valued customers say we provide the best service available in New Zealand."

Gold Smart buyers will also purchase gold bullion, silver bullion, alluvial gold and sterling silverware. Common varieties of bullion include the New Zealand 1oz Gold Kiwi, the Royal Canadian 1oz Gold coin, Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo and Gold Nugget, Silver bullion1kg bars, Canadian silver Maples, American silver Eagles and 22ct British Gold Sovereigns. Because they are an independent operator, Gold Smart is able to offer excellent buy-back rates on bullion and will purchase coins of any brand, make, year or condition.

Consumers interested in selling gold or other precious metals should shop around for the best rates, look at gold buyers’ websites and read as many independent reviews and testimonials from customers as possible. Prices offered by New Zealand gold buyers can vary quite considerably, so it pays for consumers to deal only with reputable traders and avoid less-reputable options like pawn shops and second hand dealers.