A story missing from our media: Iceland's ongoing revolution

Monday 29 August 2011, 3:39AM
By Peter Drew

While the United States hits legal bankruptcy and most of Europe heads in the same bankrupt direction as Greece, all the result of a hopelessly flawed and corrupted global banking system,  in this interesting story by newsnetscotland in the link below, we see the people of Iceland providing a shining example to all other nations showing how countries can choose to turn away from this flawed and corrupted system, regain their sovereignty and regain control of their own financial future.

New Zealand is also a victim of this 'global financial system', currently borrowing enormous amounts of money, getting into enormous debt to the global banks, and looking to sell off more of its assets to stay afloat.  The people of New Zealand could do a lot worse than to look at what the people of Iceland have done, which was simply to say no, vote their government out, and put these decisions actually back into the hands of the people, as opposed to the politicians who are tied to the very same banks lending the money and creating the debt.