Be wary of the Water You Drink!

Wednesday 31 August 2011, 10:56AM
By Pure SEO

There is nothing wrong with tap water, but if you want water that tastes good, then you will want to remove the chlorine.

This can either be done in one of two ways: firstly, by using a filter – our new client, Just Water International Ltd has just launched a new revolutionary one (www.justwaterfilters.co.nz), or secondly, by having water delivered to your home or office.

Having your water delivered should give you great tasting water, but again you need to be wary that it comes from a reliable source, and not out of some hose in the back of a warehouse. Worldwide, drinking water is self-regulated by the International Bottled Water Association, and this means stringent controls on the water you have delivered. Just Water’s bottling plants are all IBWA certified. Make sure that the water you drink is bottled in an IBWA certified bottling plant. (www.justwater.co.nz for delivery to your office and www.aquacool.co.nz for delivery to your home).

The Just Water Filter is unique because it will filter ALL of the water through your standard kitchen mixer tap. That means no need to have that silly little slow flow hook tap on the side of your sink, and no ugly hole in your lovely expensive bench. You can even take the filter with you if you move house. “If you love to drink the best tasting water without that awful chlorine taste, then our long life filter means that the water you drink is also the water you cook with, and changing the filter is no more difficult than changing a light bulb. And I will personally guarantee it” says Tony.

Thousands of businesses around New Zealand have trusted and relied on the Just Water brand for over 25 years to provide them with stylish water coolers and the best water, delivered direct to their door.

What clearly differentiates Just Water from its competitors is their Drinksafe® International hygiene and service standards, as well as their international IBWA accreditation which provides you, the business customer, with a guarantee that the water you drink is simply the best.

‘Beware of the water you drink” says CEO Tony Falkenstein. “Just Water is committed to providing the highest quality water, and our ABWI certification is globally recognised as a commitment to ensure that we deliver just that.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get a Just Water filter for your home, or a just Water cooler in your home or business, simply email connie@jwi.co.nz with the word ‘SEO’ in the subject line, and we will arrange for free plumbing installation to the value of $100 upon your purchase.