Demon Energy Drift Trike Nationals Demon Energy Drift Trike Nationals CREDIT: Adam Crouchley

Demon Energy Drift Trike Nationals

Saturday 24 September 2011, 2:20PM
By Adam Crouchley

The 25th of June was a cold wet morning, but it wasn't going to stop anyone, as the Auckland qualifying round of the Demon Energy Drift Trike Nationals was taking place.

Trikes you say, aren't they for kids? Hell no, not if they are anything like the trikes these guys are riding. Custom built form old BMX's with PVC piping instead of rubber on the rear wheels makes for some serious fun.

Like traditional (car) drifting, the aim is to get as sideways as possible through a judged section without spinning out. Sounds easy huh? Its not. With no grip on the rear, the trikes want to spin, and more than that, throw the rider off onto the pavement.

Add a decent steep smooth hill and you've got out of control trikes hitting some wicked speeds and a whole bunch of laughs, not to mention a bit of carnage.

The morning kicked off with teams changing wheels and greasing axles, making it obvious there was going to be some serious competition. It wasn't long before some serious talent started to show. After a long drive up from Wellington, the guys from WDTA showed they were out for blood, with a big crash from Chris Green and some impressive 360s from Matt Hutchison, who ended up securing 8th place overall.

The guys from Team DHM out of Whangarei put the pressure on the local guys and we saw three of four out of their team qualify. DHM rider Josh Padgett ended his day with 10th place, despite a huge roll near the finish line.

In the end it was new guy Denham Frear from Auckland winning the final battle, after consistent runs all day.

The national final will be held in Auckland on November 12. Keep an eye on for more info.

Thanks to sponsors Demon Energy, Torpedo7, MadAzz Trikes and Dori Media.