Online Toy Competition Goes Viral

Thursday 29 September 2011, 5:12PM

In an example of the power of the internet as a marketing tool, a competition to “Win This Trike For Xmas” being run by has gone totally viral with entries continuing to flood in long after the competition was launched.

As Managing Director Terry Fullerton says “The success of the competition highlights the need for companies to include online marketing and social media in their marketing strategy. The response to the competition has been quite amazing with a constant stream of entries continuing to come in.

We had considered running something more creative on Facebook but as it turns out all you need to attract people’s interest is a simple competition with a prize that has wide appeal and a good quality website that is easy to use. The key to the competition going viral has been the Tell A Friend page that people are directed to after they have entered and the bonus offer for people who go to our KidsToysOnline Facebook page or ToysNZ Twitter page. The combination of these two strategies has been the key to our success.

As with any other marketing, it is important to follow up the initial interest with other normal marketing tools and to add more interest by creating an ongoing dialogue with people on your Facebook page.

The whole experience has been a powerful example of how important online marketing has become.”