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Council too busy for tricycles

Tuesday 1 November 2011, 9:21PM
By Adam Crouchley

Fans around the world of the new found sport of drift triking are disappointed with the organisation of Auckland City Council after they force the cancellation of a major event last week.

A drift trike is a cross between a BMX and a go-kart. It’s a custom built tricycle constructed to ride downhill and slide through corners, similar to its motorsport of ‘drifting’. Drift trikes have a rapidly growing community in New Zealand through the use of social media.

The ‘Demon Energy Drift Trike World Championship’ had been organised to take place in Auckland on November 12th. This is the first competition of its kind in the world, and has gathered entries from all corners of the globe with entries from England, America, Australia and Portugal.

10 weeks before the event, event organiser Adam Crouchley submitted the event permit for the location to the events team at the Auckland City Council. At this time he discussed the plans with the council and was told they could see no issues with holding the event at the chosen location of Waikawhai Park.

6 weeks later, only 4 weeks out from the day of the event, Auckland City Council inform Crouchley that he would need a traffic management plan and a road closure would be required. This was going to take 4-5 weeks minimum to get drawn up, approved, public notification and accepted by the council, leaving the earliest possible date to run the event too late.

When asked why the Auckland City Council had only just decided to ask for a traffic management plan, Crouchley was told by the council “We’ve been really busy with the Rugby World Cup.”

Crouchley says, “We’ve got Demon Energy and Torpedo7 onboard to try and promote the sport as one where people can have fun and at the same time stay safe and not upset residents and road users.” He said, “We’ve had a request from MTV to come over and film the event, and the No Limits magazine has been covering the build up to the event. It’s very disappointing for everyone involved.”

With over 4,000 members on his website (, Crouchley has organised several drift trike events all around New Zealand. He promotes the safe use of drift trikes and has been working hard to encourage ‘drift trikers’ to respect the public. Crouchley says he has had excellent support from sponsors, police and residents.