iBottleopener 4 / 4S iBottleopener 4 / 4S CREDIT: iBottleopener
iBottleopener 4 / 4S iBottleopener 4 / 4S CREDIT: iBottleopener

The iPhone just got even more Awesome ! ... It now opens your Beer !

Wednesday 23 November 2011, 10:03AM
By iBottleopener

Finally an iPhone accessory thats as Kiwi as Fish 'n' Chips and Tomato sauce.

Just in time for Christmas the "iBottleopener" is the original iPhone case with a built in reinforced bottle opener and is great for cracking open your favourite brew at BBQ's, Parties, at the Bach or on the Beach.

It has been described as.. “ A cool little innovation that will sell like hot cakes and may be the coolest invention since bottled beer. “

An Auckland based Gadget company have been working for the last 6 months to secure the New Zealand distribution rights for the iBottleopener.

Mike Platt ( the Owner of iBottleopener NZ ) said " We love the iPhone and We love our Beer ! So we reckon an iPhone case with a built in bottle opener is the perfect iPhone accessory for us Kiwis."
The case is a two part slider design, it features a soft touch rubberised finish with a built in reinforced stainless steel bottle opener, and fits both the iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S models ( cases to fit the iPhone 3g are available on special order. )

Mike said the cases can also be custom branded with any company logo or Brand, creating new and potentially huge marketing opportunities for Breweries, Bars, Beer Brands etc.

the iBottleopener is available for purchase online from for $44.95

Could this be the Christmas stocking stuffer of the year ? We think so !

Cheers Mate !