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Kiwi adrenalin junky turns pro in the US

Thursday 8 December 2011, 10:57AM
By Adam Crouchley

The craze of ‘drift trikes’ has turned New Zealand’s quiet hillside streets into extreme downhill tricycle race tracks. But there is a large group of guys taking this new sport very seriously, and they are making a name for themselves.

A team of guys from have been running a few events, encouraging the safe practices of ‘drift triking’ within the groups of fellow drift trikers. Through the use of social media like Facebook, YouTube and community forums, the Waikato based website now has over 5,000 members world wide and is getting over 15 million hits per year. Naturally, a number of smart businesses are looking to use this crazy new 3 wheeled sport to push their brand name and reach the masses of influential downhill adrenalin junkies.

This week, one particular member of the team has struck jackpot.

Popular American clothing label Sadistic Clothing has offered local Wellington triker Matt Hutchison the opportunity of a lifetime, with a contract to promote their brand in the USA as a professional drift triker. Matt is looking to compete in his first US event on January 7th in Austin, Texas.

Matt said “It has always been my dream to get to the US and I never dreamt I would ever get paid to do something I love!”.

Matt has competed around New Zealand and has made a bit of a name for himself in the local scene. Earlier this year he qualified to enter the Demon Energy Drift Trike World Championship and was offered sponsorship from US based Sadistic Clothing. Unfortunately this event was cancelled after some issues with Auckland City Council, but Matt’s new found friends at Sadistic kept a close eye on his activity through the social media.
30 year old Matt Hutchison has resigned from his job in Wellington of five and a half years and is looking to leave New Zealand around January 1st.

Earlier in the year got a few sponsors onboard including Demon Energy Drink and Torpedo7 onboard to help promote the sport and the safety required to stay out of trouble. Adam Crouchley from - “Torpedo7 have a lot of great products to help make this sport safe, it’s great to have their support, sponsorship has become very important to the success of promoting safety and awareness”.

Adam Crouchley is a social media strategist and owner of Dori Media, training businesses how to promote their brands through social media. Crouchley says “Through the use of viral social media, in 2 years we have created an international sport with professionally paid riders. Who would of thought that was even possible?”.