Viral charity awareness through social media

Monday 28 May 2012, 9:51AM
By Adam Crouchley

The concept is simple. Raise money for a different cause each week, selling a different T-shirt design and promoting it through viral social media.

Adam Crouchley from Te Awamutu has set up a website to raise money and awareness through social media.

Crouchley is a freelance web designer and social media strategist. He’s also been running his small apparel business for about 5 years, selling wholesale apparel to schools, sports clubs and printers. With the resources at his side and the experience that he has, he wanted to create something to show New Zealand some of the amazing small New Zealand charities, while raising some money for them.

Crouchley says “There are a lot of charities in New Zealand that need funding, thousands of them. There are also millions of people in New Zealand that buy T-shirts and use social media websites."

“There are so many charities that are stuck for money and publicity, hey don’t know where to look for help. At the same time, there are a lot of people who want to help, they just don’t know who to help or how. Sharing is caring, that’s all I’m doing, sharing these amazing causes with the rest of the country.”

Last week was helping raise some money for Marley Marston, a 2 year old boy in Hamilton with leukaemia. This week he’s raising money for Autism New Zealand.

The designs are done by local designers but Crouchley is always looking for more designs. He says “If we have a great design, we’ll raise some good money. I just need to find some awesome designs, graphic designers are so expensive!”

“Charities can apply through the site to partner up with us for a week, or I’ll approach charities that are special to me. Autism is close the hearts of my family so it’s great to be able to give back to charities like Autism New Zealand and raise some awareness of autism.”

"I have a lot of plans for the website, but I'm a bit limited for funding to develop the site too much right now, I have to keep focused on the work that pays my bills."

Check out You can help by buying a T-shirt or hoodie, or by sharing the website with family and friends.