Woosh Internet Service Provider Woosh Internet Service Provider CREDIT: Gemma Stewart

Woosh Leads Internet Providers By Doubling Data Allowances For Free

Monday 11 June 2012, 10:28AM
By Gemma Stewart

Internet provider - Woosh has just launched a new range of full-speed broadband and landline plans, doubling the data allowance of its FASTPACK wired broadband plans to 20GB, 60GB and 200GB at no extra cost and giving more customers the option of free national calls.

Richard Fry, General Manager of Operations says: “Customers can now get one of these FASTPACK plans and have double the data allowance they could have had yesterday. What’s more, we’re also offering FREE National Calling with the FASTPACK 60 and FASTPACK 200 plans, making Woosh the only broadband provider in New Zealand to offer such large amounts of data and free national calls, at such low prices.”

Fry explains: “We’ve also catered for customers on these plans who don’t make that many National calls. Instead of the FREE National Calling they can opt for our new Chill-Out pack which is New Zealand’s most extensive unmetered website bundle. This means that customers can access popular websites like Facebook and Trademe, as often as they like, and the data used won’t count towards their monthly data quota.

Fry adds: “We’re continually looking to improve our customers’ experience and still offer value for money. I think that’s partly why Woosh won this year’s CANSTAR awards for customer service, our new data and calling plans reflect this ethos.”

Check out this link for more information about Woosh's new broadband and landline plans.