Woosh Unzipped Naked Broadband Gives Cheap Home Calling To Smartphone Users

Tuesday 3 July 2012, 3:48PM
By Gemma Stewart

Naked broadband provider, Woosh, announced a revolutionary new product that allows customers to use their iPhone or android smart phones as their home phone; this allows customers to get free local calls and extremely cheap national and international calls while at home.

Richard Fry, GM of Operations explains, “Increasing numbers of New Zealander’s are using smartphones and enjoy the convenience of the applications and address books on the devices. The high calling rates these phones incur, compared to landline prices - mean that many people switch to their landline when they are in the house.”

With Woosh’s new Unzipped Naked Broadband plans customers using their smartphones at home don’t have to worry about these high mobile rates anymore.

“Customers can automatically connect their i-phone or android phone to the home network when they enter their house. They can then use their smartphone to call anywhere in New Zealand for only 13c/minute. And even better on some of our Unzipped plans these calls will be free. This is a big price drop for customer’s use to paying around 40c per minute or more for these calls.”

The Unzipped plans will automatically come with Woosh’s capped landline and mobile calling plans for free, so customers will be able to call any landline or mobile in 40 countries, anytime, for up to 40 minutes per call, and pay no more than $2.40 for landline calls and $3.40 for mobile calls.

Fry adds,” The modem we selected provides customers with a reliable, fast and intuitive service. When combined with our Unzipped plans it will give New Zealanders access to the latest technology and applications - all at a low price.”

The price for the new Unzipped plans, which utilise the power of naked broadband and VOIP phone technology, will start from just $68 a month.


Media Enquiries

Please contact:
Richard Fry
GM of Operations
Tel: +64 21 315760

Naked Broadband Unzipped Facts:

The free modem is:
• dual-band wireless LAN 80211N device
• one of Europe’s leading and award winning devices (over 3.9 million sold in Europe)*
• fully proofed for fibre

iPhone & android smartphones connected to the Unzipped service can make:
• Free Local calls
• National calls for only 13c/minute
• National mobile calls for only 23c/minute

*Source: IDC, 2011 • Broadband (DSL, Cable) CPE 2010