Endless Summer Festival - register your event now

Tuesday 18 September 2012, 12:49PM
By Whangarei District Council


Event organisers have until 2 November to register their activities as part of Whangarei's Endless Summer Festival.
Updated: 17/09/2012 10:43 a.m.

Anyone planning events that will add to the colour, culture, fun and festivities of Whangarei’s Endless Summer Festival 2013 is welcome.

“Every year the Endless Summer festival promises three months of memorable activities and entertainment to suit people of all ages and interests and budgets,” says WDC Marketing and Events Manager Rachel O’Gorman.

“This year we had more than 40 activities gathered together under the banner of the Festival, including sports events, evening markets, needlework exhibitions, surf contests, bike races, garden trails, outdoor sculpture exhibitions, artisans’ fairs, ballet, cinema under the stars and waka ama. The list wasn’t quite endless but it was pretty long!

“One of the highlights of this event is that it pulls together a really wide range of activities in one programme and  demonstrates really clearly what an interesting and active community Whangarei has.
“For event organisers the benefit of contacting us is that every event gets marketed as part of the festival, without having to pay extra. The events go into our festival programme, a glossy booklet that is widely distributed through community and tourism outlets in Whangarei.

“We also put all the events on the Venues and Events website, Council’s website, and advertise them week by week in Council News in the Leader and on air via MoreFM.

"This adds value to any individual promotions that event organisers arrange themselves. Rachel says the great sense of community spirit that attending these events generates is enormously valuable.

“Whangarei is a really healthy, vibrant unique place. It’s really starting to come into its own, and the Endless Summer will offer a great range of activities designed to get people out and about and making the most of it.”

To register your event for the 2013 Endless Summer Festival:
Complete and return the registration form to events@wdc.gov.nz by 2 November

Endless Summer Festival