Website design company releases their new Shift Content Management System

Friday 28 September 2012, 12:02AM
By 123 Online

The New Zealand web design industry received a shake up this month. Auckland website
123 Online has released their new Shift Content Management System (CMS). So why not
stick with the standard Drupal CMS or Wordpress CMS systems used by most web developers?

“Content Management Systems typically fall into two categories” says 123 Online Managing Director
Justin Lanigan. “They’re either easy to use, but incredibly restrictive, or on the other hand, they’re
incredibly flexible, but you need to have a degree in computer science to use them!” says Justin.

The 123 Online development team spent 9 months working to create the easiest, and most flexible
CMS on the New Zealand market. “Most small business owners are busy. They need to keep their
website currently reflecting what’s happening in their business, but they don’t want to spend hours
trying to make simple changes” says Lanigan.

The new Shift CMS is packed with features. It has a market leading WYSIWYG (what you see is
what you get) editor allowing users to make on page changes with point and click editing. The apps
marketplace allows users to purchase additional functions like blogs, online form builders, for their
websites directly through the system.

“The best part about Shift is how search engine-friendly it is,” says Justin. “On page SEO (search engine optimisation) has never been easier. Now any small business can write search engine-friendly content, add their title, meta and alt tags, create internal links. All the essentials.”

The Shift CMS is also backed by propagation, so 123 Online clients will always have the newest
version of the CMS. “Technology dates pretty fast. A great CMS today will be a terrible CMS in 5
years time, so it’s important that the technology behind our clients websites is future-proof,” says

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