Is the corporate driven global warming myth finally unravelling?

Tuesday 16 October 2012, 5:30AM
By Peter Drew

Is the supposed phenomenon of man made global warming one of the greatest global corporate hoaxes in modern history?  Has it all been designed to create huge profit for these corporate powers and provide their puppet governements around the world with a virtually limitless power to impose any kind of restrictive policies onto the people all in the name of helping to save the planet from imminent doom?  And if so, is this massive, elaborate hoax now finally falling apart?

A huge amount of recent evidence that is increasingly being forced out into the open is strongly suggesting exactly this scenario.  The most recent of these damning articles can be seen here in the Daily Mail in the UK. 


There is absolutely no doubt that the human race is causing massive pollution and environmental destruction across the planet which must be urgently addressed as a matter of top priority.  But these very legitimate environmental issues must not be allowed to be hijacked by extremely powerful global corporate forces merely to further increase the historically unprecedented financial chasm between these super wealthy corporate elites and global bankers, and the rest of the human race.