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The bus in Christchurch CREDIT: She Chocolat

Christchurch Chocolate Bus comes to Wellington
Thursday 8 September 2011, 12:06PM
By Method Communications


This Sunday, September the 11th, a ship from Christchurch will arrive in the Port of Wellington carrying a beautifully restored 1947 RTL model red London double-decker bus. While the arrival of this moving piece of English history is exciting enough in itself, what's even more exciting is that it belongs to the well known SHE Chocolat chocolate company of Governors Bay – recently included as part of the top 10 culinary destinations by Lonely Planet. Even better, it's planning to stay a while in the capital, complete with chocolatey cargo.

The bus has lead a very exciting life thus far. It has featured in a number of British movies as its former role was that of a training bus and film extra. It arrived in Christchurch a year ago amidst the chaos of the September earthquake and has been bringing joy to people in that broken city for some time. It has a 1950s style diner on board with music and movies.

For lucky Wellingtonians, it's taking a vacation and heading north. It will be operating five days a week in the city from 10am to 3pm selling its sumptuous chocolates and perhaps the best hot chocolates in New Zealand (and that's no flippant claim). At 3pm every weekday the bus will embark on a tour of the heart of the city, serving chocolate as part of the experience.

On Saturdays, SHE plans to run The Chocolate Journey for kids and families and on Sundays the bus will be at the Outdoor Market at the waterfront. Seven days of chocolate heaven a week. There are also plans from October to run Dessert Evenings on board and a one and two day chocolate school at a separate location for the true chocolate connoisseur.

And although we all know chocolate has the power to make you very happy, SHE Chocolat takes that idea further, and deeper. The bus has an 'evolutionary cinema' onboard showing educational and informative documentary-style movies on human consciousness, awareness, and human evolution. The themes vary on a weekly basis and may include ecology, the environment, evolutionary science and understanding human consciousness. A big focus of SHE Chocolat as a company is living consciously together and caring for the planet (SHE stands for Spiritual Human Evolution).

As if all of this isn't enough, the bus will also carry the Dare to Care brand established by the group. It's a logo that has been printed on to stickers to put on Christchurch-made products so the rest of us can identify them and support the city in our everyday purchases. All part of the SHE philosophy on supporting our communities and those in need.

Chocolate to-die-for, education, spiritual enlightenment and the chance to support a Christchurch business. Get on board now!

The details
There is a launch party on the 11th September and the bus should be on the streets by the 13th. Tickets for tours will be sold on board throughout the day and also through the i-SITE Tourist Office in Wakefield St. The Bus will be in Wellington for two months tour and may stay longer than that

About SHE Chocolat
SHE Chocolat was established in 2004 and has become one of Christchurch's leading tourist destinations. It is home to New Zealand's only dedicated chocolate school, lead by master chocolatier Oonagh Browne.

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