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Christchurch's older population thanked
Tuesday 27 September 2011, 10:27PM
By Christchurch City Council


Christchurch celebrates the International Day of Older Persons with a special message of gratitude to its older population.

The International Day of Older Persons is observed annually on 1 October, and recognises the value of and contributions made by the older population. “This day gives us a platform to extend our warmest thanks to Christchurch’s older residents,” says Carolyn Gallagher, Christchurch City Council Community Support Manager.

“We would like to express the respect we all have for their resilience, their leadership, and most of all, their wisdom.”

To recognise the International Day of Older Persons, the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Expo is being hosted by Age Concern Canterbury, with support from the Christchurch City Council and Papanui High School, on Monday 10 October. The Expo showcases many of the excellent services and groups that exist in Christchurch to support and celebrate ageing.

Age Concern Canterbury Chief Executive Stephen Phillips says the Expo has, “support from a wide range of providers and organisations which have donated goods for the day.”

In addition, the Expo offers entertainment. “The event enables older people to get out and enjoy the day after what has been a pretty stressful year,” says Phillips.

Last year the Expo attracted over 2000 people of various ages. This included parents, children and grandchildren seeking services and advice about caring for elderly parents; baby boomers curious about post-retirement living options and older adults looking for guidance on exercise, activities and nutrition.

The four and a half hour Expo to be held at Papanui High School offers:
• A positive day out which includes spot prizes and entertainment, including cooking demonstrations by MasterChef runner-up Jax Hamilton.
• Education for the community about issues relevant to older adults and the resources available to them.
• Advocacy for the needs of older adults.
• An avenue for information exchange and networking among elder service providers.

Celebrating International Older Persons Day
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Expo
10am – 2.30pm
Monday 10 October 2011
Papanui High School, Langdons Road, Papanui INDEX