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No more Bull - Frucor withdraws running with the bulls prize from Pepsi campaign in New Zealand
Friday 10 February 2012, 4:04PM
By Porter Novelli New Zealand

At Frucor, we set ourselves the highest possible standards. We take social responsibility seriously.

We’ve been running a promotion in New Zealand for Pepsi entitled “Bromitment” targeted at Kiwi guys. We were offering a chance to win an epic adventure, with one prize option being running with the bulls in Pamplona.

We now recognise that a proportion of our target market is offended by this type of activity, which they perceive as cruel to animals. For this we wholeheartedly apologise. Frucor and Pepsi in no way support animal cruelty.

We apologise unreservedly for our misjudgement.

As a result we have pulled the option to run with the bulls completely from the competition.

We became increasingly aware of the issue via feedback from customers and via social media over the last few days. Our initial response yesterday evening via social media did not include withdrawing from the competition – we now recognise that withdrawing is the right thing to do. INDEX