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Make the region your gym this summer
Monday 9 January 2012, 2:42PM
By Greater Wellington Regional Council


Get 2012 off to a fun and healthy start by taking part in Greater Wellington’s Active a2b summer programme.

Active a2b is all about making the most of the longer, warmer summer days by giving your car a break and walking, cycling or jogging all or part of the way to work.

Claire Pascoe, Greater Wellington’s Active a2b coordinator, says this is the third summer that the programme has run. “This year we welcome new partners Compass Health, the Cancer Society and Regional Public Health.”

She says Active a2b is perfect for all those people whose New Year resolution is to get more healthy and fit or shed a few kilos.

“It’s amazing what a difference walking or cycling to and from work can make to your waistline and your wellbeing. And as our lives get increasingly busy, an active commute is an ideal way to get some regular exercise into your day. Instead of being confined to a gymnasium with four walls, air-conditioning and electric lighting for your exercise, you have fresh air, natural light and stunning scenery to accompany your work-out. And it’s open all hours.”

The programme is open to everyone in the Wellington region. Registration opens today (Monday 9 January) and it’s free. Registrants receive an Active a2b calendar, regular e-newsletters with some great tips and commuting ideas, a goal magnet and opportunities to take part in some great walking and biking challenges and events.

“And for people who’d like to try cycling to work, but haven’t been on a bike for a while or are a bit intimidated by the traffic, we can arrange a bike mentor for you. Your mentor will accompany you on your cycle commute and give you some great tips on how to be safe.”

Claire says that since Active a2b started in the summer of 2010 it’s attracted more than 1500 participants from 80 workplaces all around the Wellington region including Wellington City, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, Porirua, Masterton and Paraparaumu.

“The programme has been very successful in encouraging people to walk or cycle to work, and leave their cars at home. For example, in both years that the programme has run, people who usually drove to work increased their number of walking and cycling commutes from around 7% to 25%.”

A new feature of the programme this year will be a photo competition. Send us a great picture of your active commute and be in to win.

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