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Easy Parking At Alfred Street Parking Building
Thursday 26 January 2012, 2:49PM
By Marlborough District Council


Deputy Mayor Jenny Andrews is urging people to get accustomed to using the Alfred Street parking building.

Councillor Andrews says some people are nervous about the barrier arm but it’s very simple to use the ticket machine – just be sure to drive right up to the ticket machine at the entrance, so the driver’s car window is parallel with the machine, before taking a ticket.

“It’s somewhere cool to leave the car on a hot day – comfortable to get back into and handy if you have to leave groceries inside the car while you shop. It is also nice to know the money is not going to run out on the meter if the shopping takes longer than you expected,” says Jenny.

  • Parking is 80 c an hour – the same rate as it is around town.
  • On entering the parking building, drivers must drive right up alongside the machine at the entrance barrier arm.
  • Press the button at the entrance barrier machine and take a ticket - then the barrier arm will lift.
  • Pay before you get back in your car by inserting the ticket and paying at one of the automatic pay machines inside the parking building.
  • As you drive out, place the ticket in the ticket barrier machine and the barrier arm will rise.
  • The automatic pay machines accept coins or notes and eftpos and credit cards. INDEX