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Deadline Looming For Submissions On Draft Long Term Plan
Friday 4 May 2012, 3:23PM
By Marlborough District Council


There is one week left to lodge a submission on the Council’s draft Long Term Plan.

The deadline is 5.00 pm on Thursday 10 May.

The Long Term Plan is a 10-year plan, which directly affects the size of your rates bill – and this is the time when any ratepayer or resident has the chance to have a say on Council’s spending plans.

Making a submission is an easy process. It may be as brief as a few words on a single spending item or a general view on Council’s overall direction.

A submission can support or object (or a mixture of both) to parts of the proposed Plan.

It should include:

  • The reason for the submission
  • Whether you support or oppose the points in the draft Long Term Plan
  • Any changes you would like to see to what is being proposed in the Plan
  • Your name, postal address and phone number


Whether or not you wish to speak at a hearing (if you do not indicate this, you may not be invited to the hearing).

Submissions should be in written form (typed or handwritten and emailed, posted or faxed). Submissions may be made online- see the Council’s website Your Council Have Your Say.

Please note: your submission, including your personal information, will be available to the public and media as part of our decision-making process. INDEX