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Flood Event Update 28
Monday 19 December 2011, 1:24AM
By Tasman District Council


7:45pm, 18 December 2011

New information

Grenville Terrace

As a precautionary measure, residents from approximately 30 homes above the Rocks Road slip were evacuated earlier today after a geotechnical inspection noted recent land movements.

A slip inspection identified further cracks in the slope, upslope and next to approximately 30 homes in the Grenville Terrace area between Rocks Road and Bisley Avenue.

Water, sewerage and wastewater may have been disrupted by the recent ground movements. In addition, the possibility of further land movement cannot be ruled out.

To test the service, water has had to be shut off to the area, affecting a further dozen or so residences in the area. They have been notified by Civil Defence workers going door to door.

Until the safety and integrity of the services can be verified, Civil Defence has determined that these homes need to be evacuated.

Loss of water supply

Water will be turned off to several properties on Rocks Road, Bisley Ave, Grenville Terrace, Moncrieff Ave area for the foreseeable future.

The shutdown is to allow further investigation of the geotechnical situation and the integrity of the water mains.

For any enquiries about the water supply please contact Nelson City Council Customer Service Centre on 03 546 0200.

Water tanker is stationed on Moncrieff Avenue

A water tanker is stationed on Moncrieff Avenue. Residents may fill containers at any time. Drinking water was distributed to residents.

Testing of mains pressure system

Residents in the Bisley Ave / Champion Terrace area may lose water pressure.

Rocks Road

The cordoned area has been further defined. Pedestrian only access is available from

  • Bisley Avenue to 589 Rocks Road and
  • Magazine Point to Richardson Street

Rocks Road is completely closed to all access between 589 Rocks Road and Magazine Point. Rocks Road will continue to remain closed for further inspection indefinitely.

A few pedestrians have been breaching the cordoned area. It is important to state how severe the slip on Rocks Road is – it is not safe for anyone to walk or drive it.

Please do not go beyond the fenced area at the indicated points. Police and NZRT2 personnel will be staffing the fenced area until further notice.

Maitai Pipeline

After an inspection today, one section of the pipeline has been identified as vulnerable. A slip is located underneath this section of the pipeline. Engineers will go out at dawn Monday 19 December to continue the inspection but it is likely that fencing support will need to be put in place under this part of the pipeline.

Trees have fallen onto the pipeline in a two additional areas and, while not critical to stability, the trees will be removed on Monday 19 December.

Declaration of Civil Defence Emergency

The current declaration is in place through to Tuesday at midnight. Civil Defence will request a further 7-day declaration covering all existing areas except Murchison and Motueka areas.

Water supply in Richmond

Demand for water in the Richmond area is outstripping demand. Residents of Richmond are asked to conserve water as much as possible.

Wainui Hill

A helicopter will do further assessment in Wainui Hill between Tata Beach and Wainui on Monday 19 December. At the same time, the chopper will drop a supply of food and necessities to isolated residents.

Pohara and Ligar Bay

The damage to the water treatment plan cannot be fixed. The damaged equipment has been sent to Nelson for replacement. Civil Defence is aiming to secure a non-potable water supply for 95 percent of residents by Wednesday 21 December.

Street meeting with Civil Defence staff and residents

A street meeting for Ligar Bay residents today was well attended and aided in keeping them informed about the situation.

Regional beach closures

Until further notice, a temporary ban on swimming, bathing, and shellfish gathering has been put in place at the following beaches in the Nelson and Tasman regions:

  • Tahunanui Beach, Nelson
  • All beaches Rabbit Island and Rough Island, Tasman
  • Ligar Bay, Tasman
  • Pohara Beach, Tasman
  • All beaches at Motueka, Tasman
  • Tata Beach, Tasman

The beaches are closed due to the likelihood of sewage having spilled into the water during the heavy rains last week. It is a public health issue and very important that people do not swim at any of the regional beaches.

Media briefings – week of 19 December

The media is invited to attend daily briefings from Monday through Thursday 19 – 22 December at 3pm at Tasman District Council in the Councillor’s Lounge.

Building and geotech inspections

Civil Defence staff have visited 90 percent of the houses that have registered for a visit in order to make a sticker determination.

Red stickers have been issued to 91 residences. No yellow stickers have been issued.



Britannia Heights








Nelson South








The Brook


The Glen


The Wood


Unknown address


Upper Takaka


The number of red stickered properties in Golden Bay is still unknown at this time.

Affected residents should begin contacting their insurance companies to start the process with their damaged properties.

Road update

Please be patient – delays are to be expected. Keep roads clear for emergency services and contractors.

Golden Bay
  • UDPATED SH60 Takaka to Collingwood washout at Birds Hill – now open one lane only, traffic lights in place, expect delays
  • UPDATED Abel Tasman Drive
    • open to unrestricted access from 7pm to 8am daily
    • open to restricted access daily with escort at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 4pm, and 7pm and returning at 8.10am, 10.10am, 12.10pm, 4.10pm and 7.10pm.
  • Awaroa Road – closed long term but has boat access
  • Bird Road, Clifton, - closed long term
  • Falconer Rd (also known as Faulkner Road) – closed
  • Glenview – Closed as a through route at bridge, access from each end OK
  • Hamama - closed
  • Matata – closed
  • Pohara Valley Road – open to residents only and 4WD
  • Rameka Creek Rd – closed long term
  • Totaranui Road – closed for three months boat access
  • Upper Rocklands Road - closed


Aniseed Valley Road –

  1. closed hill section between Haycock Road and top of Hill, closed long term
  2. closed from 2km past Mead Road
  3. alternative access via private forestry road via Lee Valley and Mead Road using 4WD and only during daylight hours


  • Beatson Road
  • Cable Bay Road
  • Grampian Rd – access to transmitter
  • Grenville Terrace
  • Iwa Road
  • Little Todd Valley Road
  • Maitai Valley Road – one lane open
  • Pohara Valley Road – open to residents only and 4WD
Closed walkways, cycleways and recreation areas
  • Days Track (all areas)
  • Dellside Reserve walkways
  • Kingsland Forest
  • Main Rd Stoke Underpass
  • Maire St Track
  • Orchard Stream Cycle Underpass
  • Rabbit Island Front Beach Reserve
  • Railway Reserve St Vincent to Beatson
  • Seaview Cycle Underpass
  • Tosswill Reserve Track Tahunanui Drive to Tosswill Road

Contact numbers

  • Nelson City Council: 03 546 0200
  • Tasman District Council: 03 543 8400
  • Slipline: 03 543 8498
  • Building information hotline: 03 546 0284
  • Land stability line: 03 543 8498

Static information

Much more detailed information about the following topics can be found on the links

Emergency Operations Centre hours

The Emergency Operations Centre will be open Monday through Friday 19 – 23 December from 8am to 5pm.