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Savvy Touch Going Global
Wednesday 28 March 2012, 9:23AM
By Media PA

A Cambridge couple are going global with their extensive range of natural products which can be used on both horses and humans.

“We want to see the world ‘touched with savvy in the very near future’,” says Steve Cleary or Savvy Steve as he is known in the industry!

Recently returned from the highly successful New Zealand Horse-Of-The-Show, Steve said the “Savvy Touch” range is now better known and more popular than ever.

“We are planning a major push into a number of overseas markets in the next 12-24 months.

“Already we have a good base of overseas sales especially in Australia happening through our on-line shopping facility

The range was developed in mid-2007 and comprises naturally based products using the best ingredients from around the world. “All products have been designed, developed and manufactured in New Zealand,” Everything we do is tested on humans before horses, says Steve.

“That is why we know that it’s extremely safe and so effective and the results on both horses and people show this,” he says.

Steve Cleary and his wife, Linsey, developed the products after they became dissatisfied with what they had to use from the market. “we didn’t want to just make another product we wanted to make the best and we believe we have and we are continuing to develop new products”

One of the most popular products in the range is the “Skin Smoothie” which aids in healing everything from wounds to bacterial issues. The results on the international show jumping mare Suzuki horrendous wound are nothing short of astounding!

It can be used on humans as a daily moisturiser to retexture the skin and is a most have for anyone suffering from eczema or other skin conditions. The results will amaze!

The performance products comprise of a ligament and tendon cooling gel that is incredible on arthritis and all muscular issues” our oldest human client is 78 and she absolutely swears this has changed her life taking the pain from her arthritic knees”.  There is also a sun protection product but not just another sun cream. In a base of Mango Butter with healing calendula & active Manuka honey and an SPF30

The grooming products include a 2N1 shampoo and shine conditioner with an ingredient list not seen on many salon ranges!

“Its so great being at a client’s home and seeing the shampoo in the shower the Skin Smoothie on the vanity and of course matching products in the stable, a huge buzz” says Steve

The specialised horse performance products include an anti-friction balm used and loved by top riders such as Katie McVean, also a mud balm and hoof paste.

The range is being used by horse trainers, top studs and individuals. For more information e mail on or visit  to see the whole range.