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Gate Automation in New Zealand is now affordable for all Farmers and Rural home owners
Monday 24 January 2011, 3:46PM
By Fence World

Securing a property with substantial fencing and alarm systems is now quite a widespread practice - it reflects the rise in burglaries. Police reports show that during the years 1995 -2005 criminal activity has doubled. This is a worry for everyone; governments have implemented plans to tackle the problem. We have seen some improvements in the statistics recently, however slight.

Security firms have sprung up as a result and the industry is booming. There are a variety of residential and commercial security enhancement s that will suit any budget and design preference. The fencing and security companies work hard to diversify and keep up with the new emerging technologies some which allow for cheaper and more robust solutions to the older types.

The cost of installing automatic gates has dropped as the number of firms offering this option has increased; there is a lot of completion. It’s viable for home owners to have their older gates replaced with a convenient, safe and affordable gate.

The automatic gate comes in two configurations, sliding and swing. Depending on the space limitations and budget, the design consultant will advise you on the most suitable type for your layout. In rural settings the gate entrance is normally some distance away from the house or main building. Those that wish to install an automatic gate might be concerned about the cost of running a power cable out to gate. In some cases this could be a few hundred metres, and cost can be considerable.

The latest high tech gate systems overcome that problem by operating on 12 volts and incorporating a solar panel, the batteries are charged without the need of other power sources. This is a great way to bring the convenience of electric gates to those farmers and rural home owners that previously couldn’t afford it.

About Author

Ron ter Huurne is director of Fence World and an NZCE qualified engineer who enjoys using his knowledge and experience to find innovative solutions to customer's requirements.

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