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New website assists Christchurch travellers
Thursday 12 April 2012, 12:23PM
By Christchurch City Council


The Transport for Christchurch website has now launched to assist travellers in Christchurch find the quickest and safest route around the city.

Mayor Bob Parker says that the Transport for Christchurch website will let travellers around the city know where the major road works and closures are, so that they can minimise travel delays.

“Since September 2010 road works and closures have been a real headache for Christchurch commuters, this new website will help people plan their journey.”

“In addition, news stories about closures and events around the city, such as festivals and sporting events, will help travellers make decisions about the best route to take,” he says.

New Zealand Transport Agency’s State Highway Manager (Christchurch) Colin Knaggs says with further infrastructure repairs planned, there will be major road works and closures around the city in the coming years.

“No matter what your mode of transport – car, bus, motorcycle, cycling or walking – this website will help you minimise travel delays,” he says.

Visitors to the Transport for Christchurch website can navigate around the interactive map to identify where road works are located and how they may affect their journey around the city. The interactive map also provides real-time traffic flow information on arterial roads within the city area.

Transport for Christchurch is a joint venture between a number of agencies including the Christchurch City Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

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