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TECHNOLOGY   13 September 2010, 5:37AM

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10 Reasons to Open Your Online Store with
It’s Easy.
Anyone can open an online store with Up4Sale! It takes less than 5 minutes and we give you full instructions along the way. All you have to do is register, login, and follow the instructions on your stores section in “My Area”. You don’t need any additional software or resources. As a complete E-Commerce solution we provide you with a range of options for easy selling and maximum profitability.

It’s Simple.
All you need is access to the internet. You don’t even have to have a computer! Stop researching the market for suitable E-commerce software and people to build your site for you. All you have to do is: name your store, choose your store plan, and fill in the details of your store pages- store home, about us, shipping policies and store specials. Start selling and saving!

It’s Cheap.
It is cheap - very cheap to open a store with Up4Sale. Our plans start from less than a $1 a day. We have plans to suit every budget and need. It costs less than a coffee a day and if you think about it, it actually costs less than a cookie a day!

Be Serious About Your Sales.
A professional looking shop gives you credibility as an online retailer, and makes shopping easier for buyers. Having an Up4Sale Store strengthens your identity as a retailer who takes their business seriously, giving you an established and reliable appearance.

It’s a Marketplace.
Up4Sale is aiming to be the New Zealand’s leading online shopping marketplace. As in the real world, when people browse for items in up4sale they are more likely to find you as well. Think about it as the biggest mall in New Zealand, don’t you want to be there?

You Have Your Own Store Link.
Drive traffic and sales to your special link Advertise it everywhere- on your stationary, emails, car, websites, blogs and forums. You can even use Pay Per Click ads on other websites to promote your store link. Enter your Meta store description, so Google and other search engines find your store directly using your keywords.

Send Your Invoices Directly From Up4Sale.
For the first time in New Zealand, you can issue invoices for your customers from an auction website. When a sale is made you can email the invoice directly to your customers, adding shipping costs, insurance and comments. Your name, details, and GST number appears on the invoice as well, and we keep your invoices on our system for 90 days (for tax purposes we recommend you keep a copy of your invoices).

Your Store Content is Flexible and Editable.
Change your online store content at any time, refresh the look and feel, update information and specials and even upload your logo. It’s easy to tell the story of your business- be creative and use our built in HTML editor to design your storefront with colours, fonts, tables, media and flash animations. You control your information and which categories to have. Don’t let anyone else decide what will work best for you!

Sell Nationally and Internationally.
Even if you have an existing website, Up4Sale is another channel to advertise and promote your products and services, both to the New Zealand and the international market. Link to and from your information website and save yourself the expensive process of turning your existing website into a shopping site. Accept online payments right away with PayPal, Paymate and Google Checkout. You don’t have to open a merchant account to be able to accept visa charges; it’s all done securely with the payment gateways in real time.

Get Your Own Search Engine in Your Store.
Buyers will be able to search through your items to find exactly what they want. Listing all your items in your store is the best way to display them and make it even easier for buyers to find and buy exactly what they are looking for. We are helping you promote your shop- we do this on the Stores page as well as in the Related Stores area on Up4Sale’s Main Search and Listings pages.

Up4Sale Ltd
1/122 Balmoral Road
Mt. Eden
Auckland 1024

Dear Business Owner,
I am happy to introduce, the new online shopping marketplace in New Zealand.
With Up4Sale you can easily open your own online store. Why do this?
Unlike other shopping websites, Up4Sale is a collection of small businesses’ online stores. An Up4Sale Store is a comprehensive E-Commerce solution that gives you a better connection with New Zealand’s online shopping marketplace and access to the millions of buyers worldwide who shop on Up4Sale. You get exclusive merchandising tools, plus great customization features to build a strong brand that keeps customers coming back. By showcasing all of your merchandise in one location, an Up4Sale Store creates a central shopping destination where buyers can learn more about you, your products, and your policies.
Here at Up4Sale we bring people together, so they can find you, your products and your services easily. It takes less than five minutes to create your own online store and our plans start at less than $1 a day! gives you total control over your content: you design your storefront with colours, fonts, tables, media, YouTube videos and Flash animations. At the end of the sale you can accept Visa card payments, issue invoices with your details and track customers’ orders. All of this with no long term commitment plans or expensive consulting expenditure- our plans start at $1 a day!
We value people like you who are willing to take their time to help us, a young kiwi company, to build the largest online shopping marketplace in New Zealand, so we are attaching a gift voucher (please note, this voucher is time limited).
We have invested thousands of hours and immense funds in the development of our platform, business strategies and marketing campaigns just to bring you the best online shopping experience. We are very proud of the results and we are so determined to make it work, that we have decided to establish a Non-Profit Policy for the first time in New Zealand (and as far as we know in the world). In the next two years all the income from Up4Sale is to be reinvested in further development and advertising campaigns. Every dollar that you invest with us is actually invested in your business - not someone else’s!
You are a valued customer and we believe in great support, so we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply visit and click on the live support to talk to one of our friendly team. We are here to help. At the bottom of the website you will find more information to get you started.
Thanks for all your help and hope to see your online store shortly on Up4Sale,
Yours Faithfully,

Roy Rodriguez Founder and General Manager