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BUSINESS   13 September 2010, 5:40AM

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”Over the years I've helped thousands of small businesses in New Zealand with business solutions. Surprisingly, I've discovered that people believe that if they have great products or services these will sell simply because they are there. However in reality what is actually required is the ability to market and to reach the right customers. This raises the question of how to do it.

We are in the information age and every business needs a presence on the Internet. Most businesses consider building a website but soon discover that it is not that easy, fast or affordable. Usually they end up spending thousands of dollars just on building and hosting a simple website that does not have complex functionality. Moreover, if you look at turning this website into an e-commerce site, consider doubling the cost. What most website design companies tend to hide is the need to advertise your site afterwards, and the massive costs this marketing campaign involves.

Here at Up4Sale we bring people together, so they can find you, your products and services easily. What we do is make creating websites for every small company affordable and stress free. It takes less than five minutes to create your own online store and our plans start at less than $1 a day. Opening a store with up4sale releases you from the complexity of building and managing a website for your company, making your life easier. We give you total control over your content: you design your storefront with colours, fonts, tables, media, YouTube videos and flash animations. At the end of the sale you can accept Visa card payments, issue invoices with your details and track customers' orders. All of this with no long term commitment plans or expensive consulting expenditure.
In Up4Sale we have packed so many great features that you must try it!

We unleash the power of the Internet at a very affordable price, by creating the largest online shopping marketplace in New Zealand. We have invested thousands of hours and immense funds in the development of our platform, business strategies and marketing campaigns just to bring you the best online shopping experience. We are very proud of the results and we are so determined to make it work, that we have decided to establish a non-profit policy for the first time in New Zealand (and as far as we know in the world). In the next two years all the income from Up4Sale is being reinvested in further development and advertising campaigns. Every dollar that you invest with us is actually invested in your business not someone else's!

We are a young Kiwi company (100% privately owned New Zealand based company) and unlike others we aim to remain so. All our investments come from our lifesavings; we do not want any external investors, venture capital companies or overseas tycoons to take over our business.

Here at Up4Sale, we are excited to introduce you the Up4Sale Affiliates Program. You create the buzz and you earn the money; we pay you cash to bring more people in. The more people you bring in, the more stores open and the more income you earn. Your success is our success, so together we can build Up4Sale into New Zealand's leading online shopping marketplace!
If you haven't registered yet, do it now by clicking on Register. It takes less than five minutes to get your store up and running. To learn more about stores please visit Up4Sale Stores.

We are young, we work harder and we welcome any questions and feedback. If you haven't found your answers on our help section, please contact us so we can help. Unlike other websites that don't offer you support but 0900 expensive numbers, we want to help you! We also don't hide behind a PO Box, like many others, but we have a postal address: 1/122 Balmoral Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024.
Feel free to contact us anytime, just fill in the form and our friendly team will come back to you shortly.”

So here's to happy shopping and a prosperous life,

Roy Rodriguez, MBA
Up4Sale Founder and Manager