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REAL ESTATE   18 February 2009, 4:37PM

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Harcourts Levin Auction Rooms

Harcourts Levin Office / Auction Rooms
12 Exeter Street,Levin

A great auction environment, light and bright with all our clients properties displayed for all to see - its a fantastic and interactive real estate environment. Whether bidding or researching the market buyers can see and hear the auction action firsthand:

- the auctioneers call is clear and audible

- the property being auctioned is profiled onscreen

- the Harcourts Team in force asissting buyers and vendors with buying strategies and pre-auction nerves

- vendors and buyers have acces to private meeting rooms to discuss pre-auction strategies and then sign their deals off

For a discussion on how auctions drive real estate results to new levels call

Mason Parker
Harcourts Levin Sales and Marketing Specialist
06 368 9449 or 027 248 9449 or

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