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The BIG smile Trust
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The Big Smile is a NZ charitable trust that has developed a revolutionary brain-based method of education that has broken all barriers to learning.

We believe that everybody is a genius and using Music we can help any person tap into their true inherent potential.

The Music Workshop unlike other workshops or systems of learning does not concentrate on content, syllabus etc. but focuses on the individual. It helps an individual get rid of lower brain functions like fear, emotions, etc. and move to higher brain functions like awe, intuition, creativity, etc. using music as a tool to stimulate genius, explore creativity and release stress.

Music naturally evokes enthusiasm, joy, creativity and talent. The traditional way of learning music is considered boring and is a tedious subject which requires years of practice, lots of hard work and is only for the talented few.

The Music workshop has exploded the myth that “music was only for the talented few.”
• We teach 2-years of music in just 2-days (both theory and practical)
• To people of all ages . . from 3 to 80 years!
• Whether considered 'talented' or not
• In huge batches of up to 100 students per batch
• Results are 100% guaranteed

Some of our Records:
• Taught over 4,500 students
• Trained over 100 students for the highest Keyboard exam, in just 3 months which generally takes 8-10 years.
• Our 7-year-old student topped the highest Trinity College London Keyboard exam.
• Our 6-year-old student is the youngest in the world, to pass this highest exam.
* Trained students as old as 80-years with no prior musical training or talent to perform within just 5-days of training.

Letters of recommendation and feedback from the ministry, educationists, corporates and our students available on our website

Music workshops for everyone:

* Executive leaders, individuals and Teams to help the increase creativity and productivity in the workplace - to think out of the box, take risks, increase memory and focus, de-stress, bind as a team, solve complex problems, and lots more..
* Educationists, Schools Principals, Ministry, etc. - to incorporate this revolutionary method into schools and apply it to all areas of education.
* Public workshops for all adults to help them live a happier, creative and stress-free life.
* Public workshops for kids to help them learn music in this fast, easy and enjoyable way.

In just 2-days anyone can learn to:

* Play their favorite songs
* Read Music
* Compose their own songs
* Co-ordintate both hands
* All scales and chords
* Activate the creative, intuitive & genius center of their brain
* De-stress at the end of every tiring day with music
* Maintain a happy-creative outlook on life..and lots more!

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