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Arc Innovations led the introduction of smart metering solutions in New Zealand, offering consumers the opportunity to easily track their energy usage and spending. As New Zealand's leader in the development and distribution of advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) technology and services.

Arc Innovations have a proven track record, with over 125,000 AMI meters installed. This gives them the experience they need to be able to provide real solutions in energy management. By offering the ability to easily monitor power usage, Arc Innovation's smart meter technology means that home owners can easily increase energy efficiency in their home.

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Friday, 24 June 2011
Arc Finalist in the New Zealand Energy Sector Excellence Awards It helped hundreds of Cantabrians to reconnect their hot water in the days after the devastating February earthquake and provided valuable information to the local electricity company and emergency services. 282 views

Thursday, 31 March 2011
Smart meters step into hot water power gap Smart meters step into hot water power gap Arc Innovation's Smart Meters have proved themselves in the weeks following Christchurch's killer magnitude 6.3 earthquake by powering up hot water cylinders to thousands of residents in a tenth of the time it would normally take to do the same job manually. 448 views