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Eye Detail Ltd
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I have always found in life that no one person is good at everything. Whilst we all have our set of skills and knowledge there are times that you have to turn to someone to take you that one step further.

Having developed several businesses and worked in Management levels of various companies there has always been a time when I called on that "other" person to help me through, to achieve the higher goal.

My current business Eye Detail Ltd, it is fantastic resource for businesspeople who want to get their message across clearly and accurately. My skills in visual marketing, graphic design and business development can help businesses reach their target audience with relevant to the point information.

With total marketing advice, printing services, web design and much more I can convey what you do to your customers.

Having spent the last seven years as a business mentor I believe learning from one's mistakes and being able to give back to others to help them achieve to important. And if I can't be of any help for you, I will know someone who can. The importance of networking is amazing.

Running the local network group "For The Love of Hanmer" has shown me how vital it is to connect with other businesses in a small village. Coming together and working for the one goal of Hanmer Springs, being united as one business.

Personal skills: Communication, networking, marketing along with others that build the success of my business and others.

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