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Peak NZ Dairy Milk Powder
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Peak New Zealand Dairy are wholesalers of milk powder products for young children. Peak's baby and infant formula products are 100% New Zealand owned and manufactured and are 100% certified safe. 

Peak's products contain a number of prebiotics such as GOS and FOS. GOS and FOS develops good bacteria that fight off bad bacteria in your child's digestive system. Their infant and baby formula is designed to resemble breast milk as close as possible and contains nutrients that are important for young children.

Peak has appeared on the news several times. Their Infant Formula and Baby Formula has been featured in segments on 3 News, Prime and One News.

Visit for more information on their milk products. More info on their Infant Formula and Milk Powder is available on their press releases. Stephen Julian is the CEO of Peak New Zealand Dairy, and has an Infant Formula listing

You can buy Peak New Zealand Dairy baby formula at all Countdown stores nationwide and at select New World and PAK'nSAVE stores.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013
Baby Milk Powder - New Zealand Owned Alternative With the supermarket shelves being filled with so many international baby milk powder brands, Peak New Zealand Dairy’s baby milk products offer an alternative New Zealand owned brand to support. 724 views