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Direct Safety - Helping Employers Keep Employees Safe With Lone Worker Safety & Monitoring Solutions

The modern workplace is a fast-changing thing, and businesses like yours are racing to keep pace. With technology making it easier than ever for teams across the country - and the world - to work together, more and more employees find themselves working apart or alone.

Direct Safety provides your business with the technology it needs to ensure your workers are kept safe in these changing environments, offering innovative, real-time wireless lone worker safety monitoring devices and equipment. Simple, economical, and non-intrusive, these tools enable you to monitor your workers’ ongoing safety, and manage an efficient emergency response when and where it’s needed. Even when workers are operating outside of cellular coverage!

Including the likes of Blackline Safety’s range of Loner devices including the M6, M6I, and 900, Direct Safety offer a wide array of lone worker equipment that provides web access, mobile GPS, messaging, and web services right at employers’ fingertips. Not only are these devices aimed at helping to reduce injuries and fatalities in the workplace, they enable the easy tracking and monitoring of lone workers and contractors via instant alerts, location-based information and mad-down detection.

With this information at hand, you’ll ensure your business has constant, immediate insight and knowledge as to the location, status, and health of your remote workforce, and ensure your business isn’t just meeting your legal requirements, but also ensuring you’re ready to react if an employee were to fall, lose consciousness, or somehow come into distress.

With the solutions available at Direct Safety, you’ll improve lone worker safety, achieve better outcomes for your workers, and ensure your business meets all of its health and safety requirements. Want to know more more? Simply visit our website, give us a call on 0800 626 369, or drop us an email at


Some of Direct Safety’s products include:

Direct Safety’s Range Of Lone Worker Safety Devices

Blackline Safety’s Loner Devices Available At Direct Safety



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