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Specialists in hygiene and sanitisation, SanSmart supply New Zealand businesses within the food processing, dairy, meat, and health industries with cost-effective hygiene products including hand sanitisers, mist and foaming soaps, dispensers, surface wipes, tacky mats, and footbaths. To name just a few!

If you operate a business within these industries then you’ll understand just how debilitating a contamination incident can be, costing your business both time and money. That’s why SanSmart’s range of hygiene products is squarely aimed at eliminating the spread of bacteria within the workplace. With SanSmart you can quickly and easily reduce the contamination risks, while increasing safety awareness around hygiene and the critical role it plays in business. 

Pathogens and bacteria? They’re no match for SanSmart’s collection of sanitisation and hygiene products, which are available in a variety of convenient sizes and configurations so your business can choose an option that best suits your working environment. Manual? No-Touch? Hard-Wired? We have a variety of dispensers - and the soaps to fill them with - to ensure your hands, and the working environment, are kept clean.

If you’re interested, visit the SanSmart website, send us an email, or free call on 0800 SANSMART. 

Our Range Includes:

SanSmart's Hand Hygiene Products
No touch dispensers and a variety of instant mist and foaming soaps ensure clean hands in the workplace.

Surface Sanitisers From SanSmart
Our surface sanitisers are highly effective at combating bacteria and pathogens on most every surface.

SanSmart's Vaportek Odour Control Products
Our range of Vaportek products ensure you’re able to easily control tough odours. 

Foot & Floor Care Solutions From SanSmart
Stop contamination in their tracks with our tacky mats and footbaths. 

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