infonews.co.nz is a nation-wide local news website for New Zealand which allows any member of the community to publish news and photos.

The site is segmented into region, city and topic home pages, which contain a range of local and niche information and news.

Contributions to infonews.co.nz come from individuals, businesses, organisations and clubs throughout New Zealand.

Fraser Mills and Peter Hodge, both graduates from the Peter Arnett School of Journalism at the Southern Institute of Technology, founded infonews.co.nz in 2006 as a Citizen Journalism site in an effort to offer a different format where all users have access to unabridged real-time news as it occurs in their communities.

What is Citizen Journalism?

Also known as "grassroots journalism." The collecting and publication of timely, unique, nonfiction information by individuals without formal journalism training or professional affiliation. Examples include the publication of cell phone photos from a breaking news scene, blog reports covering local government meetings and discussion forums reporting results from international competitions.

Contact Us

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There are two types of content that can be added to infonews. News and photos.

Categories and Topics

All content on the website is placed in one of four main categories:

Each category is divided up further into topics and every topic on infonews.co.nz has its own home page. View a topic home page to see news, photos and members relevant to that topic.


All content on the site is also tagged with a location. New Zealand is divided up into a number of regions and then divided up further into towns or cities.

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