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Argus Tracking's Mission is To Make Every Fleet Manager's Life Easier
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 3:29PM
By Beckie Wright

The Argus solution is filled with powerful features, dashboards, alerts and reports to help managers optimise their fleet, giving them more time for the important things, streamlining their operations, saving time, money and hassle, resulting in real benefits and real results.


Staff and vehicles are one of people’s biggest investments and concerns, and Argus Tracking answers the what, where and when of their fleet mobility. Argus provides clever technology, creating efficiency, helping managers to utilise their people and fleet better and visualising their Health & Safety risk.


The Argus solution provides business intelligence support, helping people identify the many areas where they can gain operational efficiencies by more fully understanding their GPS data and how they compare against broader industry benchmarks.


Argus GPS packages are fully customisable with a host of options available for effectively capturing the most powerful business intelligence across the broadest spectrum of industries and users, and these packages give people the options they need at the right price. They offer extremely cost effective solutions, whether the client is an SME, Corporate, Government or Enterprise operation, they provide the greatest return on investment.


Argus Tracking’s dedicated team of software developers are already working on the next innovations, constantly evolving their offering so people always have access to the latest technologies and most useful initiatives, providing continuous improvements.


Whether a fleet consists of one or thousands, people will benefit from the Argus Tracking GPS solution. Their plans are cloud based, cost effective and easy to implement across an entire fleet.


To find out more about Argus Tracking and their GPS solutions services, please visit the website at . INDEX