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Instinctive Collective, Singapore CREDIT: Lisa Chandler

New Zealand artist Lisa Chandler develops stronger ties in Asia with new exhibition
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 5:10PM
By Lisa Chandler

A new year, a new artist collective, and a new international exhibition for New Zealand artist Lisa Chandler. Chandler has been developing a presence in Asia, and in particular Singapore over the last four years and her latest exhibition is with the new international artist collective ‘Instinctive’.

The ‘Instinctive’ collective includes some of Singapore’s most established artists as well as younger artists who have expanded on their legacy, and artist representatives from Australia, China, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea and New Zealand.  The exhibition 'Instinctive 1.0 : (In)Visible - seeing the unseen' is the Collective’s first show and explores ideas relating to the invisible and the hidden. The exhibition was curated by Jean Tsai and is being held in the Ion Art Gallery, Singapore.

Each artist was asked to expand on one of three given themes within ‘invisible’ and Chandler’s series explores the theme of 'Identifying and giving voice to the marginalised and the unseen'.

Instinctive’s first exhibition is extremely strong, with each of the 14 artists taking different approaches to the curatorial theme. Chandler’s 12 new works contribute to the conversation in Singapore and internationally on the role of, and support for, migrant workers. The blend of figurative and abstract marks within these paintings show Chandler drawing on both Asian and European art practices” says Instinc Director Shih Yun Yeo.

Chandler adds “How we treat and support migrant workers is a reflection of our culture and values, and although many migrants are fortunate to experience the positive sides of living and working in another country, others are vulnerable and subjected to exploitation and abuse. Furthermore, migrant workers often live and work in their host city for many years, yet frequently feel marginalised and alienated”.

Chandler’s compositions juxtapose areas of detail with abstract shapes and textures to create a balance between paint materiality and narrative. Canvases start on the floor with a series of random mark making using fluid acrylics and then through a process of layering, obliterating and tracing, images are painted in, painted out and painted over. Faces are blank and figures partially obscured, challenging the viewer to consider the unseen migrant workers in their own community.

The Collective was established by Shih Yun Yeo, director of 'Instinc' with the objective to unite and support local and international art professionals of all media, whose work is unique, demonstrates clear ideas and a fresh artistic approach, and is relevant to contemporary art today.

Chandler’s relationship with Singapore started when she undertook her first international artist residency at ‘Instinc’ in 2013 and in the following year contributed to Instinc’s 10th anniversary celebrations, where five local and five international artists came together for a collaboration project and exhibition. Both projects were supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Selected works from the Singapore show will also be shown at Chandler’s solo exhibition at RED Gallery in Nelson, New Zealand from mid-March before she heads back to her second home and studio in Leipzig, Germany at the beginning of April.

instinctive 1.0 : (In)Visible - seeing the unseen
Location: ION Art Gallery, Level 4, 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, Singapore
From 13 – 19 February 2017
Opening hours 10am - 10pm INDEX