Marlborough Airport Limited - Emergency Exercise

Tuesday 20 November 2012, 3:00PM
By Marlborough District Council


Marlborough Airport Limited is holding its biennial emergency exercise on Monday 19 November at the airport.

The airport company as the CAA Part 139 certificate holder is required to hold an "all services" emergency exercise every two years.

The scenario for next week’s exercise is based on a small/medium sized aircraft (type yet to be decided) that has a vibration in an engine and has declared a Full Emergency with Air Traffic Control.

Prior to landing other issues arise and all services are required for the emergency that ensues.
MAL are planning on initiating the "emergency" at approximately 7.30 pm.

The exercise will involve the Renwick and Blenheim fire brigades, Base Woodbourne emergency services, St John ambulance and the Police.

The exercise should be completed by 9.00 pm.