Phase Two of CareSens roll-out starts

Thursday 29 November 2012, 2:59PM
By PPR New Zealand

Three months after being awarded the role of sole supplier of diabetes blood glucose testing meters and strips in New Zealand, Pharmaco today confirmed the start of phase two of the roll-out programme for its CareSens range of products.

Starting 1st December the CareSens range of blood glucose meters will be the only meters funded by PHARMAC.  Funding for other brand test strips will continue until 1st March 2013, when the complete sole supply agreement commences for CareSens meters and strips.

Since the announcement confirming Pharmaco as the sole supplier, in excess of 48,000 meters have been distributed, more than 1,200 medical centres, retail pharmacists and hospital diabetes centres have been  educated about the new meters and strips, and more than 1,500 calls have been managed by the company’s dedicated helpdesk.  In addition to this, PHARMAC has held 30 introduction events to date, called “Meet Your Meter”, as part of its nationwide meter swap and education campaign involving pharmacists, clinicians, and community and consumer groups.

Pharmaco’s co-Chief Executive Officer, Chandra Selvadurai, says the roll-out programme is on schedule to deliver the right meters to the right people across New Zealand by the deadline to become Sole Supplier in three months time:

“We are in the middle of our national training and roll-out programme which has continued to gain momentum.  Working closely with PHARMAC we have achieved a lot but we also have a lot more work to do,” he says.

“During the next three months we will continue to roll-out the CareSens range of meters to people with diabetes across the country who need to switch or require the new meters and strips.  We will also be continuing to work closely with PHARMAC, DHB diabetes and medical centres, pharmacists and Maori and Pacific Island health providers to provide the best technology, education and support to people with diabetes who rely daily on these products to manage their health.

“The national education programme is on track to achieve all its goals by the beginning of March next year and we are also looking forward to continuing our support to the community in years to come,” he says.

Pharmaco’s specialist business unit, Pharmaco Diabetes Solutions, is managing the supply, sales, support and distribution of three meters from the CareSens range, all of which are fully funded:  CareSens N POP, CareSens N and CareSens II, as well as their associated strips.  It is also distributing one unfunded meter, the CareSens POP.

Mr Selvadurai continues:  “As a New Zealand company that’s been in existence for 45 years we are very aware of the impact of diabetes on the community not only for those who live with diabetes but also their families and friends.  We have invested significantly in reaching this stage with the belief that the sole supply arrangement brings with it more responsibility to provide the best service and products.”

Supporting the transition is a dedicated website at  and a toll-free customer service number at 0800 GLUCOSE (0800 458 267) or for health professionals at 0508 CARESENS (0508 227 373).  The website features detailed product information, roll-out timetable, questions and answers, and product demonstration videos, all of which supports the national education programme.