Cyclists give Matangi trains thumbs up

Thursday 6 December 2012, 1:58PM
By Greater Wellington Regional Council


Wellington cyclists have given a big thumbs up to the new Matangi trains, awarding Greater Wellington Regional Council runner-up in the “Best Cycle Infrastructure Improvement” category in the Roll On Wellington gongs.

The Roll on Wellington awards, held last Tuesday evening (4 December) are organised by Cycle Aware Wellington to showcase the best and brightest of cycling in Wellington.

The judges singled out the new trains on the Johnsonville Line in particular; all the trains on this line are Matangi trains and bikes can be carried on all these services, peak and off-peak. The judges said the Johnsonville trains are "a fine example of convenient and easy to use commuter trains which help to integrate two key transport modes at all times of the day."

Peter Glensor, Chair of the Regional Council’s Economic Wellbeing Committee, says he’s delighted that the new trains’ cycle facilities have been recognised.

“As the person who nominated us for this says, the new trains have a great space for cycles. Each two-car unit can take at least three bikes. It’s very easy to roll your bike on to the train and secure it safely in the designated area.

“Throughout the design process for the new trains, we ensured the cycling community was included at every stage and we engaged with them extensively about the best way of accommodating bikes. So I’m thrilled cyclists have acknowledged all the work that’s been done to ensure the new trains meet their needs.”

The Regional Council has just begun trialling the carriage of bikes on some peak hour Matangi services on the Kapiti and Upper Hutt Lines. From now until further notice bikes can be taken on the following services.

Kapiti Line


To Wellington

From Wellington

7.02am from Waikanae

4.15pm from Wellington

8.05am from Waikanae

4.55pm from Wellington

Upper Hutt Line


To Wellington

From Wellington

7am from Upper Hutt

4.17pm from Wellington

8am from Upper Hutt

5.07pm from Wellington

Peter Glensor says a report on the trial will be presented to Council next March.

The Matangi bicycle space has flip up seats which can be used by passengers if there are no bikes on board. Bikes can be taken on all Wairarapa, Johnsonville and Melling services, peak and off peak. Up until recently bikes could be carried only on specific peak hour Hutt and Kapiti services provided by the Ganz Mavag trains which have a separate compartment for bikes. However, now that all the Matangi trains are in service, more peak hour services are being provided by Matangi trains so the Regional Council is reviewing its bikes on trains policy.

Cycles on trains policy