Email And So Much More From LiveLink Connect

Thursday 6 December 2012, 5:49PM
By Pure SEO


LiveLink’s Managing Director, Jason Roberts is keen to ‘talk up’ his next generation email marketing company with a focus on improving the delivery experience of receiving any email, ensuring that emails look great and helping clients’ marketing message to stand out. On top of this, the LiveLink one-to-one platform focuses on the employee email channel, ensuring signature and messaging compliance but layers over this a content delivery platform, providing real time email tracking designed for sales staff to improve prospect follow-up. LiveLink is simple, reliable and economical and offers a full kit of integrated solutions that meet all their clients’ digital messaging requirements.

Take their One-to-One Employee Email. Employee email is a firm’s most valued and trusted communications channel. With seamlessly branded and tracked business email, cross selling and sales closure can be improved, while also creating a record of receipt of contracts and disclosure statements. This is achieved with a dynamic, template-based employee email with branded or banner messaging options. Optimised emails can be sent and received on any device, anywhere, with real time, silent email tracking for perfect follow-up. Rich reporting includes email assurance and compliance with centrally managed, enterprise-wide signature control. Large or complicated content can be sent through email, ensuring an edge over the competition.

It is all about engagement and response so that companies can benefit from the very latest e-messaging platform with LiveLink’s One-to-Many Campaign Email. This enables clients to ‘create and send’ pitch perfect e-messaging campaigns, send SMS, create surveys, web forms and organise events. The One-to-Many Campaign Email makes it easy to create and send with over 350 templates with next generation ‘drag and drop’ design. It includes an all in one e-messaging platform, SMS, Survey, Events and Social Media. It also enables users to quickly load and manage lists for advanced segmentation. It also has ‘easy read’ reporting with advanced back end automation, API and integration features, with the added advantage of great pricing with a free trial.

LiveLink do consultation, Automation and CRM integration solutions, reselling for Google Apps and Gmail for business, Mail Marshall anti-virus/anti-span Cloud solution from well-known international provider M86 and email archiving.

As Liz Wotherspoon, Director of ICE Bridge says “LiveLink has been a great sales tool because it enables real time engagement based on knowing when a message has gotten through so that you know when to get on the phone. In terms of following up prospects, we can do this with the knowledge that our communication has been received and read, making for a far more efficient and effective sales process. And on top of this, it allows us to personalise and customise our branded emails which make for a better customer experience”.

For more information on LiveLink go to and take advantage of their free trail option (try before you buy).